Wednesday, 9 December 2009

When the Monkey Sleeps

I'm going to be putting some work up in the fantastic little Glaswegian cafe 'Where The Monkey Sleeps' as of sometime next week. I get a full room to fill with pictures so if your around Glasgow at all stop bye and check it out, it's a nice place. There'll be more info here when i know what work i'm taking, but thinkin of having a wall of thumb wars then a couple of big canvas' on the other walls, should be interesting.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

A Man And A Koala

Another quick drawing i did on a train up to Glasgow the other day. Might colour this soon.

Thumb Wars Part II

And here's the second part of the Thumb Wars comic, it's all a bit random. Let me know what you think.

Friday, 27 November 2009

Gin Palace

So i have an exhibition tomorow up in Glasgow. It's called the Gin Palace (, a few designers from different disciplines will be showing and selling work for one night.

Here's a couple of pages from the eight page comic i put together for the show, I'll upload the rest soon.

Train Sketches

Realised I've been neglecting this biog quite a bit lately, so here's a little sketch to keep it going. just something i doodled on the train to glasgow this morning.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Quick Book Doodles

Just threw together a couple of concept pages for my book. The colour was a quick photoshop job, i'm goin to see how they look with some more traditional inking before i come to any conclusions about how i'll do the final ones. Still need to work on the design for the kid aswell.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Childrens Story

I have a very brief outline for my story done, just wanted to share it and see if i can get some feedback. It's a bit random and not that detailed at the minute, and i still have to do the design work so i know how it will all look, but here's what I got so far.

The story is about massive fish, that make lakes in dry places by flying into the sky and eating clouds, when they get full they get real big and round, fall out of the sky and then spit out all the water from the clouds into the new lake.

One day a little girl tries to catch one of the fish with her fishing rod. She manages to hook one and it swallows her, chewes on her a bit and then spits her out and flies away. The little girl keeps hold of the rod and gets carried away with it.

As she's carried through the sky she sees lots of different creatures, all flying around her. But when the fish she's attatched to gets full, it starts to fall and drags her down with it. there's a couple of pages of the girl falling past all the random creatures, and then she lands on top of the fat round fish and bounces off of it, into the water it's spitting out.

That's about as far as i got, i'm terrible with endings, but any feedback i can get on this much would be much apreciated.

Friday, 31 July 2009

A Day of Rest

Finaly got myself a day off from the grind of night shifts so i decided to finish off this piece i started a few weeks ago. It feels goood to be doing something creative again.

I was just playing around with photoshop here, I'm still a learner when it comes to digital colouring but I think this turned out okay. The little moth things build lakes by flying into clouds and collecting water in there small buckets. Drawing this gave me an idea for a childrens book, which I'm goin to try gettin a brief draft of done next week so I'll post that too.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Lots Of Work, Just Not The Right Kind

So I've been workin a hell of a lot lately, but its all been in a shop, which hasn't left me any time for drawing, and has left for one seriously boring blog. So for your viewing pleasure, here's a few pieces I did recently. Hopefully I'll be cutting down on the work hours and upping the illustration hours very soon.

This first image is part of a collaberation book I did with other members of my course a few month back. The theme was to create any image as long as it was inspired by the image that came before it in the book. I expanded on this with two follow ups for my own personal side project.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

I Finally Have My Blog

...and to kick it all off, here's a quick sketch I did this morning. I'll ink it and colour it after I sort out more of this blog stuff.