Sunday, 2 August 2009

Childrens Story

I have a very brief outline for my story done, just wanted to share it and see if i can get some feedback. It's a bit random and not that detailed at the minute, and i still have to do the design work so i know how it will all look, but here's what I got so far.

The story is about massive fish, that make lakes in dry places by flying into the sky and eating clouds, when they get full they get real big and round, fall out of the sky and then spit out all the water from the clouds into the new lake.

One day a little girl tries to catch one of the fish with her fishing rod. She manages to hook one and it swallows her, chewes on her a bit and then spits her out and flies away. The little girl keeps hold of the rod and gets carried away with it.

As she's carried through the sky she sees lots of different creatures, all flying around her. But when the fish she's attatched to gets full, it starts to fall and drags her down with it. there's a couple of pages of the girl falling past all the random creatures, and then she lands on top of the fat round fish and bounces off of it, into the water it's spitting out.

That's about as far as i got, i'm terrible with endings, but any feedback i can get on this much would be much apreciated.


  1. that sounds great so far! it's about the right length i reckon. i'm not sure how you should end it...
    the bit where she bounces off the fish would make a great spread!!
    the bit before where you said there's a few pages of her falling past the random creatures could also work over one spread, with sort of spot illustrations or panels to show the sequence. i'm sure you could put your graphic novel skills to good use!
    Maybe you could end it with the girl and fish making friends...
    good luck with the rest of it! look forward to seeing what you do..

  2. Thanks, some pretty good ideas there. not sure about the fish makin friends, was goin for the idea of it just been a big docile fish that doesnt really notice her, but the spot illustrations/panels could be cool. i'll keep postin stuff here so you can see how its goin.

  3. Yo dude i like it alot. Maybe the fish could eat her at the end and she finds loads of other children in the fishs stomach from around the world. I think it sounds good anyway so if you need someone to read it then email it to me. Hope your not workin to hard.

  4. nah man, i got two full days off now, so i'm just goin to get some drawin and such done. That's a pretty cool endin, you always seem to want my characters to get eaten for some reason.